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VR scheme 2019 of BSNL and Terminal Benefits- Issue of Pension

      This is not an academic exercise to satiate any passion regarding the issue concerned… DOT in its letter dated March 3, 2021 addressed to one of the GS of Pensioners ‘ Association clarified that mentioning of BSNL VR Scheme 2019 in PPO would not result in taking away any due retirement benefits as per the existing rules provided for, from the pensioners on a later date. That is they will continue to get   the due   retirement   benefits- especially pension. Also expressed in that letter any generic reference of CCS Pension Rules 1972 may adversely affect the unique benefits of the VR Scheme of 2019 and accordingly, to identify and to ensure discharge of the unique benefits BSNL VR Scheme has been clearly mentioned in the PPO.   BSNL /MTNL VRS 2019 Scheme dated 4th Nov 2019 is stating   the issue of   pension   as per   the following   para 6.2 TERMINAL BENEFITS: In addition to the lump-sum compensation or the amount of Ex-gratia as per Clause 6.1 of the Scheme,