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Bertrand Arthur William Russell was a (1872-1970)  Nobel Laureate, Philosopher, Social and political critic, mathematician, voluminous writer of England. He was a teacher for Social Democracy at LSE. During his official visit to Soviet Union, he met Lenin  . He had his correspondence with Nehru and Chou of China. He was a friend of V K Krishna Menon. Russel- Einstein manifesto for Nuclear Disarmament was issued during 1955. He associated with Sartre also. This book of Russel   PROPOSED ROADS TO FREEDOM during 1918 is really a brilliant analysis of the dominant currents viz Marxism of Marx, Anarchism of Bakunin- Kropotkin and Syndicalism- Guild socialism . After analyzing fairly the works of the great masters, Russell arrived closer to Guild socialists ( quoting G D H Cole) with a slight bend towards Anarchists. The Price of the Hard cover of this book  is more than 25 dollars, even the paperback is 10 dollars. I have given  the full text of that book in Word Document in 144 pages
  Unfortunately I returned back the book “India at Turning Point - the Road to Good Governance    by  T S R  Subramaniyan”  to kindle store before finishing the same. I was in its mid locations. Unconsciously I returned back  that one. But  I managed to get an idea about his mindset ( though not I claim 100 % right).. some of  the portion of that book was like the vies of radical democrat… some portions like a RSS background intellectual.  Almost all the attacks are against Congress Ministers, he has ridiculed them like anything for the policies adopted in the last 10 years during  Shri Manmohan’s  Period. T S R Subramaniyan, our former Cabinet Secretary- one can view him in all English channels in prime time debates.  He  belongs to Thanjavur and emerged from there to  Highest administrative level.   My humble opinion is   -this book is  not  written without any prejudice.Amazon Hard cover Price Rs 506.  Some excerpts… ·          Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar Patel knew the country we
The book Politics Trumps Economis was coauthored by many professionals. I just read that book thro Kindle. The amazon price is Rs 275. Amazon has given the following as its introduction "In this volume, edited by Bimal Jalan and Pulapre Balakrishnan, twelve professionals illuminatethe interface between politics and economics in the country, illustrating in the process how theirinteraction will determine the path that India will take. Among the subjects discussed are theimplications of the emergence of coalition governments as the norm, the rise of civic activism, the tension between identity politics and development and the nature of the discourse on the informalsector. The essays also offer possible solutions to end corruption in administration and identify thestrategic factors in achieving inclusive growth. With contributions from Meghnad Desai, Dipankar Gupta, Poonam Gupta, Ashima Goyal, RaviKanbur, Sunil Mani, T.T. Ram Mohan, Deepak Mohanty, Samuel Paul and M. Govinda Ra
Oscar Wilde just lived only 44 years and died in 1900, but his creative writings stand good even today. I have read some of his famous short stories like Happy Prince, Millionaire, Fisherman etc. His long Essay The Soul of Man under socialism was one of world famous essay. It was his expectation about socialist society. Making every individual free from all authoritarian bindings was his dream. This essay was criticized by many for its Utopian, anarchist thinking and focus. I have highlighted certain portions in that 28 (A 4) pages essay. One can read and create some likes on Oscar wilde's creativity
I just refreshed reading Bakunin, one of the revolutionaries of Marx Period, but differed with him and got expelled from International. God and State is his small book of 60 pages(A4 size). Bakunin explained things in a very lucid way and style. Those interested can go thro that thought provoking literature of him
Natwar Singh   eminent writer, voracious reader, one of  our influnetial bureaucrat turned politician has authored  many books – spoiled his name in an  alleged scandal, hailed from the family of Princely state Rajas. I just read his book Hear to Heart- a mall of varied information about diplomacy, personalities of Establishment, eminent writers etc.  Exercpts  from Natwar Singh’s Heart To Heart  ·          interview Tagore gave to the Soviet paper Izvestia in Moscow on September 25,1930. While being polite and appreciative of several achievements of the Stalinist regime, he did not mince words and said, "I must ask you: are you doing your ideal service by arousing in the minds of those under your training, anger, class hatred and revengefulness against those not sharing your ideal, against those whom you consider your enemies?" ·          Nehru  analysed  that Real leadership that counts in an election or in a big organisation is the lower level leadership. Where
Kabir street is the locality of Wealthy People. There living our story teller Talkative man or TM. Dr Rann a research fellow came there but hunted by his wife  he desrted.Dr Rann is always a deserter, a complex character. But  our TM talks less logically thinks more..This one is R K Narayan's shortest novel just running 120 pages.. Simple characters.. simple things but subtle way of dealing life.. One can enjoy RKN whenever one reads. Thanks to Kumbakonam Comrades.. This book was chosen by the Book Coupon given by them at Vellore NFTE Conference.