Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Bertrand Arthur William Russell was a (1872-1970)  Nobel Laureate, Philosopher, Social and political critic, mathematician, voluminous writer of England. He was a teacher for Social Democracy at LSE. During his official visit to Soviet Union, he met Lenin  . He had his correspondence with Nehru and Chou of China. He was a friend of V K Krishna Menon. Russel- Einstein manifesto for Nuclear Disarmament was issued during 1955. He associated with Sartre also.

This book of Russel  PROPOSED ROADS TO FREEDOM during 1918 is really a brilliant analysis of the dominant currents viz Marxism of Marx, Anarchism of Bakunin- Kropotkin and Syndicalism- Guild socialism . After analyzing fairly the works of the great masters, Russell arrived closer to Guild socialists ( quoting G D H Cole) with a slight bend towards Anarchists. The Price of the Hard cover of this book  is more than 25 dollars, even the paperback is 10 dollars. I have given  the full text of that book in Word Document in 144 pages (A 4) in my Face Book.  I have highlighted the portions where I found good arguments, underlined the portions with highlights where the arguments getting stronger. Next Year 2017 is marking  the centenary of Soviet Revolution (  Indira Gandhi's Centenary also). 2018 will mark the 100th year Russel's Book- Proposed Roads to Freedom

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