Sunday, August 21, 2016

The book Politics Trumps Economis was coauthored by many professionals. I just read that book thro Kindle. The amazon price is Rs 275. Amazon has given the following as its introduction

"In this volume, edited by Bimal Jalan and Pulapre Balakrishnan, twelve professionals illuminatethe interface between politics and economics in the country, illustrating in the process how theirinteraction will determine the path that India will take. Among the subjects discussed are theimplications of the emergence of coalition governments as the norm, the rise of civic activism, the tension between identity politics and development and the nature of the discourse on the informalsector. The essays also offer possible solutions to end corruption in administration and identify thestrategic factors in achieving inclusive growth. With contributions from Meghnad Desai, Dipankar Gupta, Poonam Gupta, Ashima Goyal, RaviKanbur, Sunil Mani, T.T. Ram Mohan, Deepak Mohanty, Samuel Paul and M. Govinda Rao,Politics Trumps Economics is an incisive comment on how politics can influence the outcome of themost well-intentioned of economic policies."

Bimal Jalan,Desai,Dipankar, Rammohan articles are good going. Economic bureacratic intellectuals fighting the political class of India.. in this volume.. But these people were part of our Establishment in their career

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