Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Burden of democracy- Pratap banu Mehta and Realising Hope- Life beyond capitalism by Michael Albert both are going in good speed. Burden of democracy a small book of 175 pages- I just read 100 pages during my travel to mayiladuthurai. Micheal's book, I am thro tab and so just 20 to 30 pages during my daily commuting in the train. I wish to summarise Pratap's  book thro my marked portions.. I don't know when I can do it.

Michael is the author of parecon- participatory economy theory.. some of his suggestions are of utopian nature, but he tried his level best to narrate how in the parecon environment politics, international relations, technology, science, ecology, education all works beyond the caprice of capitalism..  He is a strong critic of capitalism but not advocating communism/socialism. He is just placing  his alternatives to capitalism and saving human life from capitalistic exploitation. When the time of globalisation and the claim of TINA, these thinkers are placing before the world many of their alternatives.

Imran's Pakistan personal history is stranding..I wish to finish that also. I appreciate many of his frank opinions

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