Wednesday, July 3, 2019


STATUS OF IMPLEMENTATION OF BUDGET ANNOUNCEMENTS  2018-19 (  samples given below from the 50 pages document)

1. Agri Market infra Fund with a corpus of Rs 2000 croe will be set up for developing 22000 Grameen Agri Markets-  Govt reports Process only initiated approval yet to be
2. Cluster based model for agri produces as that of Industrial sector- It is named  as Shyama prasad Mukherji National Rurban Mission. But 100 clusters only to be developed though 295 identified.
3.Organic Farming by Farmer Producer Organisations and Village Producers organisations in 1000 hectares clusters-23679 villages identified
4. Basic Vegetables Tomato, Onion, Potato (TOP) challenges and operation Green scheme Rs 500 cr allocated- The scheme guidelines finalised
5.Realising agri exports market from 30 billion dollars to 100 bn dollars- Agri export policy approved on 6-12-2018- No information about how much realised
6.Extending the facility of Kisan Credit cards- RBI has been requested to issue instructions- No Information about RBI issued guidelines
7. Institutional credit for Agri sector raised from 10 lakh crore to 11 lakh crore- Upto Aug 2018 credit disbursement 9.15 cr. No futher information.
8.Free LPG connections to 5 crore poor women then revised to 8 crore by 2019-20..-5.89 crore LPG connections issued so far
9. 4 crore poor hosehold free electricity, 16000 crores spending- 2.31 crore connections provided spending 12859crore by Ministry of Power
10. 2 crore toilets- 2.13 crore constructed
11. Own Houses to poor- As on 28-12-2018 63 lakh completed for the target of 1.02 houses
12. Loans to SHG incresed  to 75000 by march 2019- As on december 27th 2018, the outstanding  total loan is 75024 cr
13.Ground water irrigation scheme allocation 2600 cr- State Govts are requested toforward their proposals
14. World's largest Govt funded Health care Programme for 50 crore beneficiaries- Rashtria swasthya Bima Yojana and senior citizen scheme subsumed w.e.f 23-9-2018 ( no report about beneficiaries)
15. MuDRA loans- target 3 lakh crore but 41 % sanctioned to 2.29 crore borrowers
16.Govt contribution 12 % of the wages in the EPF for next 3 years- Govt has approved payment of Employer's contribution as 12 % for Fixed term employment gazette notification issued on 16-3-2018
17. women employees contribution 8 % to enable higher take pay - A proposal is being considered
18. Railways_New line target 1000 KM but achieved 212.6 km, Gauge conversion target 1000 KM but achieved 211.3 km
19.Monetising select CPSE assets- DIPAM is in the process
20. Telecom infra augmentation 10000 cr provided-8175 cr alloted to USOF for Bharat Net Project.
21. 5 G test bed- Indigenous 5 G test Bed total cost 224 cr  over a period of 36 months
22. Liberalisation in Defence Production- Defence production corridor set up - 5 in TN
23.Listing and strategic disinvestment- 14 PSUs listed, strategic disinvestment process of 22 PSUs are in different stages of implementation
24. Merger of Insurance Companies- Expected to be completed by 2019-20
25.Disinvestment target 80000 cr-Till 10-12-2018 Govt has realised 34005 cr
26. Gold Policy as asset-- Draft circulated  Gold as financial asset- Gold Monetisation scheme under consideration
27. Memeber of Parliament salaries Revision- done w.e.f 1-4-2018 and automatic revision on every 5 years commencing from 1-4-2023.
( Courtesy Finance Ministry Document Implementation of Budget Announcements for 2018-19)

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