Friday, September 16, 2016

No Free Left- The Futures of Indian Communism a much talked about book in 2015 amongst left oriented circles. Vijay Prasad , the author is the General editor of Leftword Books, a CPIM publication Division. Vijay  a prolific writer in Frontline, Hindu ,PD,Marxist etc. The  book is near to 400 pages priced Rs 995 . The first impression I got when reading that book is as if I am reading the compilation of CPM’s Reports of various congresses held chronologically- its Political review report, Org report, Political Resoultion. It does not mean that the book contains subject matter beyond that. But in most of the pages, I had that impression. It is self critical to some extent not to the extent of Critical study of  Praful Bidwai’s Phoneix Moments of the same year 2015. Of course it is easy to analyse write and criticize what happened and easy to draft suggestions and ways for the future, but difficult to organise, monitor and translate.

   some excerpts  highlighted by me is given  in my FB…

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