Thursday, September 15, 2016

One of the best analytical lecture I heard recently is given below. Irfan a great historian and scholar of medieval India analysed the best efforts of Mahatma Gandhi .Down below given was Yogendra's lecture. Both the lectures opening bigger horizon of our thought process and helping us how to construct text for our speeches. Not a single word is uttered unnecessarily.. every word uttered is so meaningful. It is difficult for TU/Political leaders to find time to listen because of day to day activities.If find time kindly listen( my FB)

Two responsible good speeches of two public intellectuals -one by prof Yogendra social activist and Lohia expert is given below. It is difficult for our TU/Political leaders to find time to hear the speech because of their day to day activities.. If find time hear the speech.. it may fine tune our thinking process( placed in my FB acct)

Gandhi and Marx a Book by Gandhian Scholar Kishorlal Ghanshyamlal Mashruwala ( K G Mashruwala) published during 1951 ( priced 8 dollar by 1971). A long Introductory Note was given by Vinobaji. Regarding subject matter, It is a compact book. But for today's reader, arguments favoured may not be a new thing( Book given in FB)

The Two articles  were written before 50 years for an International Symposium on Socialist Humanism. That book was edited by great thinker Eric Fromm. Unfortunately I am not able to get all the articles, only three or 4 I found.. Even Nirmal Bose article about Gandhi not getting in that.(Given in FB)

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