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call a spade a spade


Call a spade a spade


Am I to intervene was the first question I asked on seeing the joint circular of some Pensioners Associations dated 26-12-2022 with the attached memo to be sent to DOT.

The memo is very precise but confused and so it necessitated this write up to clear the created confusion. The attached memo is dated 17-1-2023 and so time is there. My intention is not to find faults but to set things right. If the associations read carefully, then there is a chance to correct the memo on their own terms but with correct understanding.

The operative para of the memo is very precise and it speaks

“We demand the basic pension on IDA as on 1-1-2017 be multiplied by 2.515 factor for pre 2017 retirees. To avoid pension anomaly to those who retired after 1-1-2017, in the absence of pay revision, the basic pension on IDA of those retirees also be multiplied by the same 2.515 factor"

I have written a lot about DOT's/DOPPW's disagreement with the 7th CPC fitment factor. If need be I have to write more in this regard why that is not possible to accept that in today's context.


Pre 2017 cases

In this memo the leaders are clear about the demand of Pre 2017 pensioners and demanding multiplication of 2.515 of their basic pension as on 1-1-2017.Though in the earlier para 7th CPC is mentioned in this operative para, they have carefully avoided and spelt only 2.515 multiplied factor. Here their understanding is, there is no necessity of any pay scales for this, only the existing pension on 1-1-2017 is enough to revise the pension as per the demanded factor.

I have to appreciate to make their demand so simple by just telling only the multiplication factor as per their requirement and wisdom equivalent to that of 7th CPC CG pensioners.

Now let us see what the DOT is placing regarding pre 2017 cases. Zero % fitment  may a controversy but one has to understand  what the method DOT is suggesting.

"Pension of the pre 1-1-2017 retirees would be fixed by taking half of notional pay, as derived from merging their LPD with IDA as on 1-1-2017 and placing it with the scales of 3rd PRC. It would be ensured that no notional pay such derived, be less than the minimum of the corresponding 3rd PRC scale."

Here one can see that DOT is considering 3rd PRC scales for arriving at revised pension on 1-1-2017 and with a safety clause that their revised pension is not less than the minimum of the corresponding 3rd PRC scale. This is the same as that of the assurance given during 2nd PRC pension revision by march 2011. These associations are missing this point while placing the demand in the above Memo (17th Jan 2023). They are so allergic about 3rd PRC, the one close to reality.



Post 2017 cases

Here the said associations are demanding

“To avoid pension anomaly to those who retired after 1-1-2017, in the absence of pay revision, the basic pension on IDA of those retirees also be multiplied by the same 2.515 factor”

See they use  ‘ also’ . Unless Post 2017 pensioners existing as on the date and future pensioners going to come till 2026 December, even beyond that understand their issue properly, they cannot get even a justified demand from these associations.

For Pre 2017 Pensioners these associations are placing their demand from 1-1-2017 but for Post 2017 pensioners they confused  by demanding different dates for different pensioners. Read the memo carefully, then only you post 2017 pensioners can understand the confusion. What the demand of the association is – revising your pension on the date of your retirement. Where is the question of revising your pension on the date of your retirement (that is for post 2017 pensioner). The question for you is fixing pension on your retirement as per 37 A. You are eligible for getting your pension fixed only on the date of retirement as per 37 A. Where is the question of multiplying your pension fixed on your retirement and which rule of 37 A is allowing to fix your pension in such a way with multiplication. So the associations are having utter confusion while framing the demand of Post 2017 pensioners.

So these associations are not demanding benefit to You post 2017 pensioners from 1-1-2017 and are not demanding any amendment in 37 A  to fix your pension with any multiplication factor on the date of your retirement. Beware you are eligible only fixation of pension on the date of retirement and any change in your fixed pension is possible only if your pay is changed from 1-1-2017. Understand,  the demand of these associations is very confusing one.

Fortunately DOT is giving better methodology than these Associations regarding post 2017 Pensioners. They are proposing the benefit with effect from 1-1-2017 unlike these associations which are postponing the date of effect differently to different pensioners and spoiling uniformity in the date of effect. But in DOT’s proposal controversy is there regarding zero fitment and notional Pay PPO.

Read carefully the proposal of DOT

" Pension of Post 2017 retirees would be fixed by taking half of notional pay, as derived from merging their Basic pay as on 1-1-2017 with IDA as on 1-1-2017 and placing it with the scales of 3rd PRC and subsequent updation of such notional pay by way of annual increments/ promotional increments/ stagnation increments if any till one's retirement. However, it would require relaxation in Rule 37 15 a of CCS pension rules 2021"

DOT is honest in bringing YOU the Post 2017 Pensioners the benefit from 1-1-2017 and they are honest also in telling for their proposed methodology of notional pay pension fixation on your date of retirement, they need an amendment in 37A ( the new 37 of 2021 rules). They are ready to take notional pay with all the subsequent updation of such notional pay like annual increments, promotional increments etc. But these associations are missing this point and thereby making you losses by demanding benefit only from the date of your retirement differently to different pensioners and not uniformly from 1-1-2017.

I hope I tried my best to point out the confusion prevailing in the demand of these associations in their Memo and I will be thankful, if the associations take the same in good spirit and correct the memo accordingly.

I have discussed here mainly about the methodology of Pension revision for pre 2017 and fixation of Pension for Post 2017 by reading carefully the DOT’s presentation not about 7th CPC fitment factor.


11.30 hrs 29-12-2022                 - R Pattabiraman



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