Monday, December 5, 2022

Defeat the Game Plan


Defeat the Game Plan of Either My Way or No Way

Rigidity without firm basis and self assumed reasons will take us nowhere. It is time to wake up on the spirit of Dec 17th Pensioners day and declare

“We the absorbed employees retired and retiring subsequently on 37 A belonging to one class of pensioners. This togetherness should go till the last absorbed employee retires and becoming pensioner as per 37 A. “

They belong to one class and so their inter connectivity- as past pensioner on a particular date - and the future pensioner on that particular date -and the existing absorbed employee also the going to come ‘future pensioner ‘- should not be disturbed by any game plan by collapsing their inter connectivity.

One or two self styled leaders using the confidence they gained in their organization are doing over time in the sugar coated slogans quoting permanent solution to the issue of pension revision in the name of 7th CPC. This overdoing of them in today's context will destabilize the inter connectivity that we obtained in the conditions of getting pension as absorbed employees of BSNL thro 37 A.

This issue of asking pension revision on CPC basis as on today’s context would do more harm to the remaining absorbed employees and that will spoil their Pay revision issue. This will also harm the interests of lakhs of pensioners waiting since Jan 2017 with their expectation in the last 60 months. This will spoil the track of negotiation already conducted with the DOT on the basis of IDA merger and the assurance of fitment as that of BSNL agreed.

 It seems that the hidden agenda is ‘if revision then on 7th CPC only otherwise no need of pension revision’. This is the serious and erroneous game plan. Beware of this plan of either my way or I will not allow any way. It is like saying ‘dig a well to put out a house on fire’ while fire fighting is going on.

It may give some self satisfaction to one or two leaders at the cost of the Organization they lead that they put forth a right demand whether it can be settled or not settled. If not settled as they wish, then blame game is there to defend them in full mouth. This is the game plan. Normally ideological puritans will never budge an inch and fail to undergo any practical test.

DOT felt its own difficulties in pushing the case of pension revision on the pay scales of 3rd PRC and insisting BSNL to give agreed NON Executive scales. They also may start their game plan. With regard to fitment both DOT and BSNL though both are feeling some difficulties are spoiling the issue of even settling with 5 percent throwing the ball to each other’s court.

If any organization is yielded to self styled leaders’ attitude and feeling that its king/kings can do no wrong then it will be difficult for that organization to restore its vitality. Governments will enjoy the game of both shepherds and butchers. If organizations celebrate fair faces but with foul hearts then also, it is difficult to pave the path.

It is the time for the recognized Unions to understand the hidden agenda of both DOT/BSNL/Some organizations and fight out the game plan of ‘No Pay revision’ but only Pay scales that also for Pension revision. It is a great burden on the shoulders of the recognized unions, the representative of Telecom working class to solve the issue of Pension Revision simultaneously with Pay revision. Fitment of 5 % may be a difficult one but not an impossible one, if the Executive unions also join with the Non- Executive unions. Let me wish you every success as I was one amongst you and wishing the Pensioners Association to settle the issue of Pension Revision with minimum 5 %fitment on the already held track of negotiations.

 I am conscious of my position and I am nothing before any giant organizations. Sometimes organizations exhibit more intolerance to its individuals comparing Government’s intolerance towards Organizations. Let me experience.

5-12-2022  11 hrs       - R Pattabiraman

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