Friday, February 17, 2023

pension Revision


This piece is with regard to a letter addressed to the Secretary , Telecom by one of the Pensioners Associations dated 16th Feb, 2023.


I have nothing to comment upon their claim of ‘ one of the largest association’. But I need to express where I differ as an absorbed BSNL pensioner having entered BSNL thro 37 A with lakhs of employees of those days and retired , and employees continuing even today and beyond 2026.


I have been repeatedly telling, whether heard or unheard by my fellow travellers , that we the 37 A entrants are having our own inter connectivity and as long as as that connectivity prevails ( that will prevail till all the absorbed or most of the absorbed retires) the same yardstick should be applied to pre 2017 and post 2017 retirees from the same date of effect namely 1-1-2017.


This only is barring us to place our claim as per 7th CPC fitment on 7th CPC scales. The applicability of CPC or the elements of its incorporation is limited to and within the conditions of 37 A for fixing pension, DCRG, commutation, qualifying service. 7th CPC scales and its fitment are not coming under the umbrella of 37 A.


In today’s context of this inter connective relativity, you need to go with the claim of 3rd PRC fitment on 3rd PRC scales.


This time confusion is because of the DOT’s decision to consider the issue of pension revision in the absence of pay revision, which suits DOT more than taking up the issue of Pay revision of Executives seeking relaxation clause. But DOT is fair enough to consider the same yardstick to both pre and post 2017 pensioners that also from the same date 1-1-2017, ignoring some associations’ wrong demand of seeking benefits from the date of retirement in the case of post 2017 pensioners.


From the written proposals of DOT one may infer the following.


a.      DOT is actively considering revision of PENSION for the pre 2017 pensioners from 1-1-2017 - even though there is no pay revision in the BSNL.


b.      DOT is contemplating to revise the PAY of those retired on or after 1-1-2017 and future retirees namely the post 2017 pensioners notionally- even though there is no pay revision from 1-1-2017


c.      For the execution of ‘b ‘ , DOT is honestly telling about two requirements . One is PAY Scales for both Executives and Non Executives- even though there is no pay revision. The second requirement is the need of some amendment in CCS Rules 2021, for issuing PPO on notional Pay instead of the present system of last pay drawn.


d. For the execution of the above ‘ a b c ‘ DOT should find some fitment on the basis of 3 rd PRC instead of the already spelt nil fitment or zero fitment. If that is cleared with DOE of MOF, DOT may push the case to the cabinet clearance.


After knowing all these things, I fail to understand why some associations are harping on the same string in the name of 7th CPC scales and fitment and thereby causing the disturbance to the stage arranged for the symphony .


Ignorance is nothing wrong but refusing to acknowledge the reality or professing dogmatism will take us no road except causing delay to the solution.


If pensioners are vocal about the issue, then dogmatism will find no rooms to survive. Whether we like it or not, it seems DOT is deciding things only on the basis of 3rd PRC taking 3 rd PRC scales w.e.f 1-1-2017.


08 hrs 17-2-2023 R.Pattabiraman


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