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Placing of DOT's Position as said


DOT agreed Pension Revision demand as per 3rd PRC scales but not considered 7th CPC fitment demand- Placing of DOT's Position as said


As per their PPT presented to the Associations on 17th Oct 2022 regarding fixation

How Pension of Pre 1-1-2017 retirees would be fixed?

Pension of the Pre 1-1-2017 retirees would be fixed

by taking half of notional pay

as derived from merging their LPD with IDA as on 1-1-2017

and placing it with the scales of 3rdPRC.

It would be ensured that, no notional pay such derived be less than the minimum of the corresponding 3rd PRC scale.


How Pension of Post 1-1-2017 retirees would be fixed?

Pension of Post 2017 retirees would be fixed by taking half of notional pay

as derived from merging their Basic pay as on 1-1-2017 with IDA as on 1-1-2017

and placing it with the scales of 3rd PRC

and subsequent updation of such notional pay by way of annual increments/promotional increments/ stagnation increments (if any) till one's retirement.

However, it would require relaxation in Rule 37 15a of ccs Pension Rules 2021.


How Pension of Pre 2007 retirees would be fixed?

Pension of such pensioners would also be fixed in a similar way as statedin slide 3 that is..Their Last Pay before 1-1-2007 would be notionally fixed as per norms of 2nd PRC

and subsequently notional pay of 2nd PRC would further be again notionally fixed as per 3rd PRC scales.


Applicability of multiplying factor 2.515 ( 32%) at par with CG pensioners?


BSNL/MTNL absorbee Pensioners get pension by Govt as per rule 37 A, as a special arrangement.

That does not mean recommendations of CPC apply to the Pensioners of PSU.

Such pensioners can not seek application of rules selectively of both Govt and BNL inorder to take advantage of the best among the better of the rules in two institutions.

Pension and Pay of such employees/pensioners are revised as per the recommendations of PRC.


How Pension of Non Executives would be revised as per 3rd PRC, in the absence of any 3rd PRC scales for Non executives?

Pension of NE would also be required to fix in the similar way to that of Executives.

However, for the purpose of placing notional pay in the 3rd PRC NE sclaes would be required to be finalised by PSUs. ( see here they say need to be finalised by PSU)


Pension contribution at the rate of 3rd PRC sclaes by PSUs?

Consent of BSNL would be required to pay pension contribution as per 3rd PRC sclaes for the retirees, who retired or going to retire on or after 1-1-2017


DOPPW observation

The question of Rule 37 (15) may be considered as and when the need arises for allowing the pension fixation based on notional pay.


Regarding the notification of 3rd PRC scales- The Note sheet of DOT contains the following

5.d. Psu division in DOT would notify the approved 3rd PRC scales for the purpose of revision of pension of pre 2017 BSNL IDA Pensioners

5.e BSNL would notify the revised scales for NE to enable their pension along with that of Executives.

Intelligent reader can see the difference between 5.d and 5.e by their careful reading. DOT is committing here for notification of 3rd PRC scales for the purpose of revision of Pre 2017 Executives. Showing anomaly DOT may elongate it to the post 2017 Pensioners as and when they retire. How BSNL will notify the NE scales without an agreement with the recognised Unions is the question need to be answered for the Pension Revision of Pre 2017 NE? can they have some settlement only for pay scales partially , without any full Pay Revision Recommendations? If affordability clause is the bar for Pay Revision, can BSNL have power to notify scales alone viz 3rd PRC scales with or without agreement with the unions?

The question before Associations demanding 7th CPC fitment is not the satisfaction of saying ‘that our demand is right’ and satisfying by taking the position that they ‘will not stand against if DOT settles the Revision as per 3rd PRC’.

‘Will not stand against what DOT is going to give’ is really a welcoming position, no doubt but not suffice as they are challenges of inter connected issues. When other associations feel that they are party to the settlement of what DOT is going to give, this position of ‘ will not stand against’ may make these associations in the second rungs of the ladder not in the equal footing with the associations straight demanding as per 3rd PRC. According to me why 7th CPC fitment and its IDA/CDA scales becoming not possible today is because of the factor of post 2017 pensioners as they were all employees on 1-1-2017.

Let us hope the wisdom of DOT settling pension revision for Pre 2017 and Pension fixation for post 2017  in the absence of Pay Revision causing no dent in the hardened won 37 A rules.


17 hrs 12-5-2023    R. Pattabiraman



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