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My Observations on the Letter of JF of BSNL MTNL pensioners Associations


My Observations on the Letter of JF of BSNL MTNL pensioners Associations

I happened to go through a letter of the JF letter dated 18-5-2023 addressed to MOC Shri Ashwini Vasishnav. My observations are based on facts and not based on anything personal or political against any leader of any associations concerned.

The substance of the letter of JF is

" It has come to our notice that DOT has decided to send the financial implications of 5 %, 10 % and 15 % fitment to DOE without taking a decision on fitment.

Sir, where and what basis is the need for DOT to send implications on 5,10 and 15 % to DOE when we are irrefutably, based on hard facts, decisions of the Govt. at the time of absorption that we shall be treated fully as par with CG employees in all respects, including payment of pension..we have already fully met the liability of the Govt in totality to give us fitment of 15 % according to 3rd PRC.

Instead of taking this logical and justified course of action, DOT in highly arbitrary, unjustified, irrelevant and meaningless manner, is likely to send the proposal of 5, 10 and 15 % to DOE thereby trying to escape its inescapable responsibility”

Except this substance, the language of the letter in most of the other paragraphs is of demagogy style decorating the Minister as 'sacred God' and denigrating the higher DOT officers as 'villains'. No thoughtful Minister will let down any of his higher officer. This kind of appeasement of political boss , bypassing the officers will take us no road to solution.

If that picture given by the letter is right about DOT's sending DOE without taking any decision at its end, then the need of the hour is to know the views of their side - which warranted them to do so. If not satisfied by those views, then the associations may air out their criticism about the concerned officers. This is normal fair position for any organisation taking responsibility of lakhs of Pensioners.

One can find in the Note sheet circulated by many the Proposal of DOT as quoted by DOPPW

" DOT has proposed that in the absence of any benchmark for revision, the benefits of 3rd PRC may be extended to the Pensioners by merging the basic and IDA/DR as on 1-1-2017 with NIL fitment factor, and placement in the revised pay scales of 3rd PRC. this would ensure that the pensioners are not placed below the minimum of the 3rd PRC scales. Further as and when 3rd PRC is implemented in BSNL/MTNL the same fitment factor may be extended to all the pensioners"

" DOT proposed that for removing anomalies vis a vis post 1-1-2017 pensioners, the pension of post 2016 pensioners shall be revised on the notional pay derived after merging the basic pay with IDA as on 1-1-2017. Subsequent pay updations by way of promotion, annual increments etc will be calculated on notional basis till his retirement for post 2017 retirees. in this case PPO shall be prepared not on the basis of last pay drawn but on the basis of notional pay so derived..This will require amendment/ relaxation of rule 37(15)of CCS pension rules 2021.."

DOPPW comments on DOT's Proposals

para 15

DOT being the administrative ministry for BSNL is in the best position to make a realistic evaluation of all relevant aspects and to decide the fitment benefit to be given to the pensioners for revision of their pension, In view of this and also keeping in view of the fact that the proposal of DOT is likely to result in only 5 % additional financial implications( NIL fitment implication), DOPPW may not have any objection to the proposal

para 16

....the question of relaxation of rule 37 (15) may be considered as and when the need arises for allowing the pension fixation based on notional pay

The Associations should not miss in seeing the para 20 of DOPPW

“DOT is advised accordingly and requested to consult the department of expenditure before finalizing their proposals in this respect.”

One may find reason for the cause of irritation amongst the pensioners about so much delay, even after passing of 75 months. But attributing ill on the other side doing some negotiation, and doing work for pension revision but in their own style with full red tapism, is unfair on the part of the other side believing the path of negotiation.

I  am just  telling the Associations to see the para of DOPPW ( para 20 ) they missed in their letter. Another point I found in that letter missing is about their non seeking of any query or showing no interest about NON Executive scales for Pension Revision for Pre 2017 pensioners and for notional pension fixation of post 2017 pensioners. DOT has assured to notify 3rd PRC scales for Executives but for Non Executives?

I may be wrong in my understanding and I am always ready to correct the same when pointed out. Nothing in this is personal or political.


10 hrs 19-5-2023     - R .Pattabiraman


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