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BSNL POST VRS - Some Issues

BSNL POST VRS - Some Issues

1.      What is the contingency plan immediately after VRS- who is going to man the services of CSC/ Fault Clearance/BB Provisioning/ Small Exchanges.. Ensure uninterrupted services to customer in order not lose them

2.      Release the Long Term man Power Planning like a. Positional norms for Corporate Office b. For Circle Office  c. For SSA/ BA   d. workload based norms for CMTS- Mtce   e. For CFA- Mtce  f. EB sales etc   g. For installation, Transmission etc  h. Workload based norms for CSCs   i. Norms for non Revenue Circles  etc

3.      Identify the areas where  ‘on Roll’ Employees must work- where out sourcing is needed, taking unions  Associations into confidence

4.       Release if any Organisational Replanning like merger of SSAs/  BA/ Circles/  Telecom mtce Regions/ Project Circles  without affecting the convenience of  customers and their  access , least relocation of employees. NE Transfer area should be within the SSAs,  and Executives within LSA - if at all required .

5.       As per DPE guidelines of Nov 24th 2017, the wage revision is within the ambit of the Cabinet approval of the Revival plan. As BSNL / MTNL got an approved revival plan, wage Revision should be ensured as early as possible after VRS, as VRS already   going on.

6.      Regarding Merger of MTNL, 3 committees viz. Technology integration, Corporate Integration, HR Integration were set up by DOT.  Release the recommendations of those committees.  Take the caution of parliamentary committees about the merger experiences of Air India and Indian Airlines. Form one such (Dharmathikari Committee)   for making smooth integration. Take both MTNL and BSNL unions into confidence.

7.      Before Merger settle and ensure the issues of   Parity - like Pay scales, 78.2,  qualifying years  for promotion and other service conditions like leave rules, medical rules etc. Parity may be at least from the date of Cabinet approval that is from 23-10-19.

8.       Ensure payment of First installment of Exgratia within 15 days of the release of Employees on VRS. The second installment may be ensured before May 2020 or immediately after DFG whichever is earlier.

9.      Ensure functioning of VRS cell/ Desk  till final settlement is made  to all the employees  by BSNL/ DOT atleast  at the level of Circle/ Corporate Office to give confidence to the Optees  that there will be  a mechanism to address and settle their grievances

10.  Dot must issue guidelines immediately to all the CCAs for the speedy settlement of Pension- issuance of PPOs  atleast within two months time on the receipt of the Pension papers from the Units of BSNL. In turn BSNL should issue guidelines in obtaining pension papers within a week time and sending the same immediately by not later than 15 days time.

11.  If at all any decision on 58 was taken by Cabinet on 23-10-19, then that should be communicated by DOT . The issued 29th oct OM of DOT is silent on this matter. Suppression of any cabinet decision is unfair on the part of the Govt. The release of any decision by cabinet on 58 years would help the employees to take informed decision about VRS.  Keeping silence and wait and watch approach  are  unfair Govt/ Administrative practices only.

12.   Ensure that VRS optees can form cooperatives with the help of MOL/ DOT/BSNL so that they can be assigned if willing to carry out the task of fault clearance/ BB provisioning/ Selling Products/ Installation/ Manning small exchanges on sound revenue sharing basis.

13.    Even distribution of workload/ Minimum relocation   of staff should be ensured
14.   Applicability of Fixed Term Contract system  may be studied

15.  If at all contract labours are engaged, strict compliance on norms of CLRA Act should be ensured. Accountability of non adherence should be fixed.

16.  Ensure Monthly payment  on every last working of the month without fail  in the post VRs scenario

17.  Mandatory quarterly revenue awareness meeting with the Unions/ associations/ staff should be conducted in BA/ Circle/ Corporate level to find mechanism to augment revenue. Minutes should be recorded with ATR

18.  Transparent Space Auditing should be conducted before Monetisation for the optimum requirements of BSNL offices/ CSCs/ Exchanges. 

19.  Ensuring Pension revision simultaneously with Wage revision.  Clear  doubts  hanging on the heads of optees without any ambiguity about the eligibility of VRS optees for Wage revision/ Pension revision as any other type of retirees – if at all any in the coming days.

20.  Release “Monetisation Guide Book”  as  one that of AIR INDIA  by incorporating all the relevant rules/ guidelines of GOI to ensure transparency and fair value.

21.   Ensure that all the cabinet decisions that are quantifying the financial support for  BSNL/ MTNL should be qualified by  DOT orders.  Issue guidelines how the proceeds will be credited ,  by whom and for  what requirements of BSNL/ MTNL  in clear terms.

22.  Handover the copy of cabinet note dated oct 22, 2019 and approval copy of the Cabinet for the proposals  projected by DOT to unions and associations.

Issue of 58 years

1.      Cabinet has power to decide about the age retirement to 58 years from 60, but  Govt  /DOT should spell   in writing  that Govt rules are  not  applicable to BSNL absorbed before taking any decision . In the case of MTNL  60 was enhanced as per  DPE orders for PSU . But in the case of BSNL all the absorbed entered  with ‘60  years rules”  as per FR 56 a Govt rules.  Govt should tell in clear terms that FR 56 a is not applicable to BSNL absorbed employees., otherwise the decision if any taken is untenable.

2.        2001 BSNL agreement with NFTE  and other unions  is ensuring 60 years as per Govt rules.

3.      2005 ITS absorption  guidelines  ensure that age of retirement would be  60 - that is as per Govt rules

4.       Though  BSNL  CDA  55 a  is assuring  60 years as retirement age  but  mention of  Govt rules is silent on that

5.       Another hitch is  37 A sub rule 4  :  once options accepted  for absorption, employees cease to be Govt servants  and so applicability of  FR 56 a must be ensured to avoid  58 in BSNL

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