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Budget 2022 Political Voices



PM Modi hails 'people-friendly and progressive' budget

Welfare of the poor is an important aspect of the Union Budget which is full of possibilities for more investments, infrastructure and jobs, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Tuesday.

Calling the budget "people-friendly and progressive", Mr. Modi said it has brought new confidence to usher development in the midst of one the most terrible calamities in 100 years, a reference to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In his televised remarks on the Union Budget 2022-23 presented by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman in Parliament, Mr. Modi said this budget will create many new opportunities for the common people, besides strengthening the economy.- PTI



Raghul Gandhi Tweets

M0di G0vernment’s Zer0 Sum Budget!

Nothing for

- Salaried class

- Middle class

- The poor & deprived

- Youth

- Farmers


D Raja, General Secretary of the Communist Party of India, issued the following statement today (February 1, 2022) terming the Union Budget 2022 as the most disastrous one:

The National Secretariat of the Communist Party of India terms the Union Budget presented by Finance Minister on February 1, 2022 as the most disastrous one which will further widen the gap between the haves and have nots.

The Budget proposals announced by the Finance Minister are totally disastrous and deceptive. At a time when the country and our economy has been suffering from economic crisis which further worsened due to pandemic situation. But there is no concrete proposal in the Budget that would help the economic revival.

Finance Minister has claimed that the estimated growth would be at 9.2 per cent but there is no reason to believe that this would actually materialize. During the entire pandemic period, when toiling people have suffered from job losses and are facing issues for their livelihood, the Government has been concentrating on supply side by pumping in more concession to the industrialists and corporates instead of boosting consumption by enabling some money with the masses of the people. Despite these huge concessions to them, the production has not picked up as revealed by the Index for Industrial Production.

The priority should have been to generate more and more jobs. But there is no plan in the budget to generate more employment.

Similarly, prices are continuously soaring high and containing inflation is another priority task.  But again, the Budget has not addressed this issue.

The Economic Survey Report presented by the Government says that Central Public Sector Enterprises have made a net profit of more than Rs. 93,000 crores last year but ironically the Government has been weakening public sector by privatizing them. The Finance Minister is boasting that disinvestment in LIC will take place shortly and Air India has already been privatised, strategic partner for Neelanchal Ispat has been selected, etc.

The government has announced to grant five academic educational institutions centres of excellence and extend red carpet welcome to foreign universities, which will only accentuate the class divide in the education sector resulting in the denial of access to poor Dalits, tribals and the downtrodden to higher education. So too the government’s treatment of health and social sectors.

Overall allocation for agriculture and allied activities has gone down from 4.26 per cent to 3.84 per cent. No assurance has been made on MSP.


It is also clear that the fiscal deficit will go up. For the middle-class sections of the people, there is no concession in tax, etc. which means that they will continue to suffer.

Thus, the Budget has not addressed any of the current economic challenges.  It is directed only to serve corporate and big business houses for their loot.


(Roykutty) Office Secretary



The Polit Bureau of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) has issued the following statement:

At a time when the common people of India are reeling under the disastrous impacts of demonetisation, the Finance Minister has come out with a contractionary budget which is likely to greatly exacerbate suffering of the working people.The Economic Survey presented yesterday clearly shows a deceleration in economic growth, a sharp fall in demand for goods and services, massive job losses, decline in farm incomes, and social disruption in cash-intensive sectors. Demonetisation has resulted in large unutilized industrial capacity, with core industries like automobiles, cement, steel, paper, aluminium and fertilisers having been hardest hit, and massive unemployment. It is a travesty that, in such a situation, and despite having 40 million tonnes of public foodstocks, and a comfortable current account deficit and foreign exchange situation, the government wants to pursue contractionary fiscal policies.

The total size of the budget has come down from 13.4 per cent of GDP last year (Revised Estimate) to 12.7 per cent of GDP this year. The fiscal deficit target has been achieved through expenditure reduction. The total revenue receipts have come down from 9.4 per cent of GDP in 2016-17 Revised Estimate (RE) to 9 per cent of GDP in Budget Estimate (BE) of 2017-18. Taxes forgone due to budgetary measures have gone up by about Rs. 30 thousand crores and are put at 2.1 per cent of GDP.

The burden on the working people has been increased with the government expecting an additional revenue of 75 thousand crores through indirect taxes, far more than the Rs. 20 thousand crores relief to small income tax payees given in this budget. Once again this year, excessive reliance for increasing revenue receipts is on higher excise duty on petroleum products.



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Stalin ( as per Tamil Hindu papaer)

 "இன்று தாக்கல் செய்யப்பட்ட 2022-23-ம் மத்திய பட்ஜெட்டை 'மக்களின் நலனை மறந்த நிதிநிலை அறிக்கை' என்று அடைமொழியிட்டு அழைப்பதே முற்றிலும் பொருத்தமானது" என்று தமிழக முதல்வர் மு..ஸ்டாலின் கருத்து தெரிவித்துள்ளார்.

இது குறித்து அவர் வெளியிட்ட அறிக்கையில், "வார்த்தை அலங்காரங்கள் நிறைந்த ஒன்றிய பா... அரசின் வழக்கமான நிதிநிலை அறிக்கையாகவே இந்த 2022-23-ஆம் ஆண்டுக்கான நிதிநிலை அறிக்கையும் அமைந்திருக்கிறது. தனிநபர் வருமான வரி விகிதத்தில் எவ்வித மாற்றங்களும் இல்லை, மூன்று வேளாண் சட்டங்களை எதிர்த்துப் போராடி உயிர் நீத்த உழவர்களுக்கு நலத் திட்டங்கள் இல்லை, தமிழ்நாடு அரசின் சார்பில் ஒன்றிய அரசிடம் கோரிய திட்டங்களுக்கு நிதியுதவி இல்லை, குறிப்பாக தமிழ்நாட்டிற்கான புதிய ரயில் திட்டங்களும் இல்லை, மழை வெள்ளம் உள்ளிட்ட இயற்கை பேரிடர்களுக்கு கோரிய நிவாரண நிதி ஒதுக்கீடும் இல்லை என்ற நிலையில் ஒரு நிதிநிலை அறிக்கையை நிர்மலா சீதாராமன் தாக்கல் செய்திருப்பது தமிழ்நாட்டிற்கும் - தமிழ்நாட்டு மக்களுக்கும் பெருத்த ஏமாற்றத்தை அளித்துள்ளது.



Mayawati said, "The Union Budget presented in the Parliament today has been brought to woo the public with new promises, while the implementation of the past promises and old announcements have been forgotten. How appropriate is it? Why is the Centre free from worries of poverty, unemployment, inflation and suicides by farmers."

"The central government is patting its back. The tax burden has made the life of the people miserable. Hence, it would be better if the Centre makes efforts to reduce the despair and disappointment among the people due to inflation and insecurity," she said.- PTI


Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Tuesday dubbed the Union Budget 2022-23 as "disappointing" and said it has nothing for the common people.

In a tweet in Hindi, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) national convenor noted that people had "high expectations" from the Union Budget during the corona period but there is nothing in it either for the common people or to reduce price rice.

"People had high expectations from the Budget during the corona period. The Budget has disappointed the people. There is nothing in the Budget for the general public. Nothing to reduce price rise," Mr. Kejriwal said.- PTI


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