Saturday, December 26, 2015

Now two books in PDF format with me one Imran Khan's Pakistan- A Personal History and the other one is The Idea Of Pakistan by Stephen Philip Cohen American Political Scientist.  I Just started viewing both the books. I hope that Imran will go fast because of its bio mix with pak political history. Regarding Tamil reading,  I started Chilambu Neri of Kundrakudi Adigalar. His  inimitable style itself enthralls you. It may  go fast. The first pak book is 260 pages and the second one 400 pages. I hope that I can do with them atleast two months.. definitely more than that even.  Just 70 pages left in John Kaey.. it is more than 600 pages book. Hindu Alternate History stranded in its 25th percetage location itself.. I shall try to have a dialogue with that and finish but when I don’t know..

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