Saturday, January 23, 2016

In the list of Some interesting books to read, I have chosen Justice G.D Khosla's The Murder of Mahatma, Michael albert's Realising Hope:Life beyond Capital and Robin Hahnel's alternatives to Capitalism:Proposals for a Democratic Economy. I just started Michael's Beyond Capitalism.

other books running are The Doctor and the Saint by Arundathi( Annotation of annihilation of Caste- a serious critical view of Gandhi's position on the issue of Caste and Untouchability comparing Dr Ambedkar. A short but strong crticism about communist parties also in it..almost Arundhati's pages are over..some wrtings of anand is there with BRA's Annihilation of Caste and debateof Gandhi and ambedkar also yet to be read in that book.

Between Assasination of Arvind Adiga's are in its end pages.  Imrankhan though going interestingly, I am yet to finish it.

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