Saturday, June 4, 2016

Com Prakash Karat commented CPI's Programme adopted in Pondicherry in CPM's theoretical quarterly    Marxist  issue of Jan-March 2016. The write up goes up to 11 pages. The Summarized portion is given by Karat himself. 
To sum up, there is a significant change in the characterisation of the Indian state in the new CPI Programme, one that brings it closer to the CPI (M)’s understanding of the state. There are other aspects of the Programme that have correctly analysed the changes in capitalist development and its impact on the various classes. However, there are still shortcomings in the class analysis and in delineating the role of various classes. The leading role of the working class in the forging and carrying forward the democratic revolution and transition to socialism still remains unrecognised. There is, thus, a hangover of the old understanding that has a bearing on tactical lines adopted by the CPI from time to time. However, the fact that the CPI is examining all these issues further is encouraging. The 22nd Congress, which adopted the Programme, also constituted a Programme Commission headed by A. B. Bardhan to continue work on updating and refining the Programme. Despite the unfortunate death of Comrade Bardhan, we hope that this work will continue.
The CPI (M) and CPI are having regular discussions on current political developments and the tactics to be pursued. As part of the ongoing dialogue and coordination between the parties, it may be useful to have discussions on programmatic issues as well. "

I have yet to come across any rejoinder or explanatory article or note from the leaders of CPI regarding com Karat’s comments. I have great respect on Com Karat, one of our finest Marxist intellectual and I value very much his various write-ups and speeches. Sometimes the debate on Programme seems to be purposeless rhetoric. Programme  is  a kind of our general understanding for establishing a different state like people’s democratic state  or some democratic state closer to Socialism, not the exact understanding as we all claim often. The future is not exactly/ dutifully following or replica of what we write or finalise in our Committees. The mechanical understanding on Revolution by many of comrades/ rank and file  is also a faulty one. As if a date is fixed for the revolution- as if it is very near and the next day onwards socialism is born- in the name of working class some communist party (CPM/CPI) PB/CC/National Council would rule to show the world the state is headed by working class- all these thinking need much elaboration and not closer to any realistic understanding of the things and events going on. We cannot  just shed things in the name of 20th century socialism and telling the same thing in the name of 21st century socialism.

Many of the arguments on programmatic  issues and heated debates on them seem highly irrelevant in today's context of political action of parties. All sort of long term goals and  programmatic proposals and naming  Revoultions as PDR/NDR etc , characterizing state apparatus,  attributing revolutionary class nature  sometimes seem to be very odd. Monopoly of wisdom/ Knowledge/ programme  is not vested with anyone or any particular movement of people is the reality today
. We have our own simple definition about  bourgeoisie /Proletariat etc. The ruling class in bourgeois society is the bourgeoisie, who own the means of production as Private Property, despite the fact that theproductive forces have become entirely socialised and operate on the scale of the world market.
The producing class in bourgeois society is the proletariat, a class of people who have nothing to sell but their capacity to work; since all the means of production belong to the bourgeoisie, workers have no choice but to offer their labour-power for sale to the bourgeoisie.
Who are all Big Bourgeosie then - are all having the same homogeneous character and don’t have any vision about Nation’s development. Are the entire working class  si homogeneous?  Are  the left govts not willing to get any foreign financial capital for the growth of the state Govt.. What the landlords are doing  -becoming corporate giants or land mafias of real estate’s ?..these are all some practical questions?

Suppose as left if we get chance like BJP the right forces to rule the Country as per today’s constitution and thro democratic process, and suppose people give support to us by reelecting us in majority to parliament  repeatedly, then  how we interpret our programme for the aim of dismantling our own rule of Govt having  state apparatus led by Big Bourgeosie and landlords?

We all feel difficulty to face the goons and thugs of TMC in WB, even in assembly elections and lost our support base of all walks of people who elected us continuously.. In these situation of reality why we need to concentrate some tall talks in the name of programme and in the name pure Marxist classics.
Let us first with all humbleness and humility to do some drafting  for some  short term – say for 5 years -goals/ demands for the welfare of crores of people. Let us strive for that and achieve. Let us come out from any type of Vanity search of Marxism.


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