Wednesday, June 22, 2016

 I just read  and completed two light reading books in this week. One is less than 100 pages book about one of the important philosopher of 18th century David Hume- a kind of docu drama by the author Wallace Allen Shaw. in that conversations are built amongst Adam Smith Rousseau etc.. the arguments about human understanding are interesting.

The second one is about our contemporary leader Vajpayee, authored by Kingshuknag,some 200 plus pages book. Very light reading book- accounting Vajpayee’s political life from Jansangh to PM of India. His tongue power and sarcastic comments are somewhat   different- for example when he placed a wreath to the embalmed body of Lenin at Moscow, he commented in a low tone that we do SHIVA POOJA, they do Shava Pooja. Rajkumari Kaul, Vajpayee’s constant companion of many years and the mother of his adopted daughter Namita Bhattacharya , this factor also analysed in this book. Once Subramaniya Samy in his own style of bitterness commented about Vajpayee  as a ‘Turncoat, alcoholic and Womanizer”. Some of the best qualities of Atal is  also dealt in this book.

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