Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Socialist Thought of Forerunners Vol 1  (1789-1850)-G D H COLE published by London Macmillan in 1953
This vol is having 27 chapters and running to 363 pages. Cole's  mega laboured project History of Socialist Thought is 5 volumes- some volumes with part 1 and part 2 also. Totally they me be more than 3000 pages. It is even difficult for ordinary person like me to read even that 3000 pages. But That scholar Cole ( friend of Sydney webb, Isaiah Berlin etc.. there may be contradictions between them-  having  Fabian Socialist research  background) laboured like anything to write these great volumes for the future generations to learn and relearn. I first salute his labour. George Douglas Howard Cole (1889-1959) just lived 70 years and his wife Dame margaret Postgate Cole (1893-1980) 87 years.
 I started reading the first Vol... It is  a big project for me even to read and understand..time only will tell whether I can succeed.

According to me Reading is also a kind of Doing and Doing a kind of Reading. This I have been telling for the last many years when some of my friends having a negative idea about people who read and labour a lot

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