Friday, November 4, 2016

Romila Thapar, one of our finest historians, having specialization on Ancient India has written many books. I recently read her PAST AS PRESENT dealing the following subject matters. Just 350 pages book for Rs 380
"Interpretations of early indian history,, perspectives of nation building, question of identities, writings of text books, historical perspective of communalism, secularising indian society ( Secular Nation is different from secularizing the society), the question of Aryans, The epic of Bharatas, Ramayana( How A K Ramanujan’s 300 Ramayanas withdrawn from curriculam), narratives of somanath, women then and now, etc".
One would get fine tuned on hearing her lectures. This book may be a tool for shattering the myths that Hindutva forces (ordinary Hindu people is different from Hindutva forces) building today to have political advantages

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