Friday, September 1, 2017

Reading of Books

Last month I read two books having sizeable pages.. One is written by French Prof Michel Beaud " A History of Capitalism 1500-2000" . Michel 's book was published during 1984-85 at paris. After its English Translation, Aakar Publishers introduced it in India during 2004. This book is quiet interesting to know how and where the capitalism in its different modes shaped and developed by war and pillages and its later incarnation as Industrial Capitalism, Imperialism and today's International Finance capital etc

Second Book is Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf in Tamil Translation by one from Kolalambur Shri Subramaniyan in 1943.The tamil title is எனது போராட்டம் சென்னை மவுண்ட்ரோடில் உள்ள சாந்தி பதிப்பக வெளியீடு. Hitler with the help of Hess written this book in his Jail days and published during 1925-26. This book is routinely recommended by RSS and Hindutva friends in their camp. The arguments of Hitler are powerful and instigating and full of hate speech type. On Reading One can find difficult not to see or compare the similarity of today's hate speeches. Here instead of Jews it may be minorities or political opponents. Book with Very explosive material.. Beware of reading the same

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