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More About PB CAT Judgment


                                                        More About PB CAT Judgment


I understand always my limitation on issues concerned and dealt for the last few years. One such issue is pension revision for the BSNL absorbed retirees.


My writeups may convince or may not convince the comrades concerned, but I never fail to go deep and give serious thought over that. I always aim how to bring the bonds to all the stakeholders .

I tried to maintain the spirit of Nagara SC Judgment, that pensioners placed in similar positions are a class. My understanding is, may not be a convincing one to many, CG pensioners retired fully from the Govt service, getting CDA is a class of themselves , whereas we the 4 lakh BSNL absorbed forming ourselves a class of different nature on IDA.


In order to join that CG class for the sake of pre 2017 pensioners , we cannot leave our bonds with our post 2017, who were all in 2nd prc scales on 1-1-2017 as employees. I don't say solution is impossible. But without breaking heads, it is not an easy or casual one. I agree that my knowledge on that is limited one.


Healthy criticism about my views is good to find solution. But bad and filthy language is no use to anyone. Naming and bracketing are very old organisational methods failed in its experiments.

So finding answer to the relevant questions are the sure road to solving the issues cropping up because of this latest PB CAT Judgment.


Though the Judgment is helping to bring parity with the pre 2016 pensioners in clear terms, it created disparity ,not in open terms, amongst the United bsnl absorbed since 1-10-2000.

I have been telling that the demand of simultaneous settlement of pension revision with pay revision would carryforward the existing bonding.


After oct 17 th 2022, I felt DOT is ready to bring pension revision , ofcourse with nil fitment, in the absence of pay revision, finding solution to post 2017 also w.e.f 1-1-2017. It seemed to me that Spirit of DOT was good, and I thought it would help to find solution to both pre and post 2017 on 3rd PRC scales. Some associations tried to bring some improvement on fitment. But they could not till this date. That solution presented by DOT maintained the parity amongst the BSNL absorbed as a single class.


Unfortunately or fortunately to many pre 2016 pensioners some Associations gone to PBCAT and won the case of CPC parity fitment. This new situation brought the dislocation of post 2017 from the single class position of the BSNL absorbed as per this judgment.


This Judgment on the face of it favours pre 2016 to tie them with CG pensioners and CPC. In central govt their single class position was safeguarded by simultaneous implementation of both pay revision and pension revision as per CPC.


Here in our case , our demand is only pension revision , after knowing as somebody is telling 'wage revision is mirage in bsnl '.


Unless pay is changed in some form to the employees on 1-1-2017 that is post 2017 , their pension calculation would continue only on 2nd prc scales. The question that we need to find answer is, how to make them fit in CG parity as per CPC and as per this Judgment.

The associations and their experienced leaders may have confidence to find an answer. I wish them every success.


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