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Let us bring united Approach

 Let us bring united Approach

The fore most question before BSNL Absorbed Pensioners is Pension Revision from 1-1-2017 . Last pension revision was implemented in 2011 after pay revision as per 2nd PRC scales and fitment.

This time in the absence of pay revision as per 3rd PRC in the BSNL, the issue of pension revision for the BSNL absorbed IDA pensioners became an issue. DOT denied the same in the absence of pay revision. After the continuous demand of pensioners’ associations , DOT was convinced to take up the issue and did its initiative with nil fitment in the absence of pay revision.

Solution to the issue of post 2017 pensioners is also spelt by DOT by the way of notional pay on 1-1-2017 as per stages in the 3rd PRC scales with the subsequent benefit of increments etc for the fixation of pension on the date of his retirement, even though there is no pay revision. In the case of already retired post 2017 pensioners, their pension will also be updated as per notional pay and PPO will be issued accordingly.

The issue before the associations is how to break that nil fitment and convince DOT to improve it as per the recommended fitments of 3 rd PRC. This fitment issue is connected with the post 2017 employees becoming pensioners also.

DOT has already implemented the 7th CPC applicable enhancement of Gratuity since 1-1-2016. There are certain other issues like minimum- maximum pension, DA linked 25 % enhanced Gratuity if IDA crossed 50 % and age related enhancement of pension in the newly fixed pension . I hope these aspects will be taken care of as per 7 th CPC orders and need to be incorporated by DOT from 1-1-2017 , when DOT issues order for pension revision.

In this ‘CPC fitment category ‘ benefit is not guaranteed by 37 A conditions . DOT is also open in its mind and expressed its inability to consider any fitment on the basis of 7 th CPC.

So the question before the associations is not who is right or who is wrong but how to improve the already spelt proposals of DOT in a better way. Some associations are started moving in this direction.

The points required are how to get things done and make DOT to move further beyond the position taken by DOT as on date. Scoring each other or word duelling are not going to help anybody .

For pension revision to BSNL absorbed employees or for all those employees absorbed as per 37 A in PSUs, there is no fixed guidelines. There is neither PRC recommendations nor CPC recommendations for revision of pension. 2011 revision is the only model available for the BSNL absorbed pensioners, that was also done on the basis pay revision and pay scales of 2nd PRC.

There are previous orders for applicability of 6 th and 7 th CPC for the BSNL absorbed Employees/ pensioners. Certain incorporations were done on 6 th CPC retirement benefits as per the guaranteed formula of 37 A . In the same way Certain things of 7th CPC are there and need to be incorporated when DOT issues new pension revision order.

For Reversal to the path of CPC fitment in today’s context , it seems there is no opening . Concrete suggestions that help all to make the DOT to move further on the road already travelled by DOT are the need of the time.

15 hrs 26-1-2023 R. Pattabiraman

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